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Conservation in All Things PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jim Hall   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 08:39

In a society that has become all about consumption, we often think that we need more to meet our needs.
This type of thinking has us always wondering if our glass is half full or half empty?
Maybe our glass is just too big!

As our society grows, we will always be faced with a need for more food, more water, more land, more money and more energy.
The time came long ago to stop thinking in terms of more. Some people have heard this, but most ignore it.

We now find ourselves in a world where the resources are very strained and limited. If we have any left, the chances are pretty certain that we are rendering them all together useless for future generations.
The song of conservation is not an old one and has been sung or shouted out for many years.
As people that inhabit this one and only planet together, we all need to sit up and listen. In fact, it's time for us to all join the choir.

We can look to ways to increase our power, our food, our water our land and our money. What are the true costs of walking this path to our health, our children's health, even the planet's health?
While we can tap into vast sources such as with energy using solar and wind. We can't increase the amount of land that this planet has, in fact due to oceans rising, even that will decrease. It is said that we have the same amount of water on the planet as we always have and with glaciers melting maybe even more.

Our best hope for an immediate result is to do more with less. We need to consume less and be more efficient with what we have. That can be applied with every one of the areas being discussed here.

  • We can use electricity more efficiently and less of it.
  • We can eat less and be careful not to waste food.
  • We can conserve and use water wisely.
  • Our lands can be put to better use in many places and we can make the most out of all kinds of spaces that are just wasted or can be reclaimed for open space or nature's use.
  • Our financial system is so out of sorts that we need to learn how quit worrying about how much we can make and rather about how much we can keep. Getting out of debt has a much better rate of return than most investments.

So while most people are looking at ways to increase our resources, I say let's find ways every moment of the day and night, where we can decrease our needs and put everything we have available to the best use we can.
Start today so the children can learn to follow in our new footsteps.

Last Updated on Sunday, 05 April 2009 08:57

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