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The Validation of just a Smile! PDF Print E-mail
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Empowering - People
Written by Jim Hall   
Sunday, 07 June 2009 19:46

Never Under-Estimate the Power of the Smile

This was sent to me from a dear friend and I found it touching and motivating enough to warrant it's own page on this site.

The cost of a smile and a friendly exchange between two people has so much more value than anyone could ever predict. Try it out!

I have in a place like Starbucks when everyone, including myself were in a morning slump and no one seemed to be able to smile and could only look forward to their cup of coffee to get them through the day. 

It was when I thought to myself that my own attitude was all I could control and in switching it into a good mood with good comments and smiles to the workers, I watched as the whole attitude and atmosphere of the room changed. It may have not lasted beyond the door for others, but I know it changed my day.

My day had sincerely changed and even though I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, it wasn't the coffee that created better day for me.

Watch this video and see if it does anything to brighten your day!



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