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Republicans Pull Off a National Victory and Hawaii Scores One For It's People. PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 05:30

Republicans Pull Off a National Victory and Hawaii Scores One For it's People


On the heels of the November 2nd, 2010 elections in the United States, the money raised and spent has put the Republicans back into control of the United States House and made deep cuts into the Democratic dominated Senate. It's apparent that the House will be sipping Tea today and for the next few years.

Here in Hawaii, with only a 50% voter turn out, not unusual for us, the Democrats managed to put the team of Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz in to the position of Governor and Lt. Governor. They returned Daniel Inouye back to his long held seat Hawaii Senate seat and managed to elect a mix of Democrats and Republicans to all the various government seats. While Hawaii born, President Obama has another two years at the helm. All of this despite the financial backing of the for the soon to be former Lt. Governor Duke Aiona.

So what does this mean to Hawaii and the Country? I would predict that spending money Federal money on people and jobs, our money, will be definitely impacted and more than likely cut seriously back. The spending overall may quietly shift over time to different, Republican favored programs. The tax cuts will be hardly noticed for the middle to low income earners and be no big deal for the high income earners.

The area I am most concerned with and want to see how it plays out over 2011, is the area of Sustainability. The overall picture of Sustainability from Food and Farming, to Energy and Climate concerns. We as a Country have made considerable headway on these issues over the last few years, although not as much as many of other Nations, and this is because of People taking on the task and responsibility to their children and the children for the next Seven Generations, despite those that would ignore the scientific data and brush off Global Warming and the Environment disasters that have taken place. The need for becoming independent with our Energy is an idea that both sides seem to embrace, and yet it does not seem to get the real support that is needed from the Republican Party and Big Business. It is a very lucky thing that the people have crested the wave toward becoming energy efficient and are on the otherside working very hard to keep that ball rolling.

The trick now is to keep people motivated in the direction of correcting the wrongs that have been inflicted on Mother Earth and Mother Nature over the fast paced reckless and money driven past. We not only owe it to ourselves and our planet, but to those who can't make a choice in other Countries and mostly to the kids and future generations that will ultimately be paying the price.

I hope that with the people continuing to move towards what is Pono, the people that were elected will either help this Nation with that goal or at the very least, step out of the way so that the people can make it happen.

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono ------- The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness.


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